New to Hardstyle Parties? Read the 10 unspoken rules for hardstyle parties here! 😀😎

1. No Moshpits

The general agreement in the Hardstyle scene is don’t do moshpits. Leave them at the rock parties, please.

2. Everyone is family

The Hardstyle family is one of the strongest and most loyal communities in the music industry! At a festival, we are all one big family!

3. No Hey Ho

Remember: Hee-Hoo, no go! When someone starts, laugh it off. Hardstylers don’t appreciate that same old same standard festival Hee-Hoo shit. At hardstyle parties, we listen to music.

4. No fighting

Hardstyle parties are about enjoying yourself. We don’t go to a party to fight we go to celebrate life.

5. Stay hydrated

Keep the water flowing and your body hydrated. Hardstyle2O keeps you healthy.

6. No phones

Taping everything you see is one of the most annoying things you can do to others. So we don’t do it.

7. Give space to people

When you are raving hard, it is nice when you have a bit of space. So don’t bump into everybody, leave some room.

8. You have to feel the bass

Hardstyle festivals are nothing when the sound is not up, up, up.

9. When you bump into someone say sorry

It is that easy!

10. When there is an angry kick, you show an angry face

Get rough with the beat!