Hardstyle is, of course, the music we all love and enjoy! The sweet kicks and melodies fire up our speakers and gives us energy when we need it. Plus nothing is more awesome and fun than going to the festivals. So what does it all mean to us? We have checked with our friends, fans and followers to learn what makes hardstyle. Because the harder styles mean more to us then 150+ BPM. Below you can find some of the answers we received!

1. Means a lot I can clear out my head when I listen to it.

2. Hardstyle is my Universal Language, my Happiness, my Home I live for Hardstyle!

3. Hardstyle is more than Just Music its Family love fun in all ❤️❤️☺️

4. It’s provided me with many feelings that I have not felt in a long time. True happiness, a sense of belonging, safety to name a few. I was introduced to this family in late 2016 by a friend of mine and before that, I was a metalhead (still am) but words truly cannot describe how the harder styles have shaped these past few years for me and for that i am grateful to be a part of this amazing family.

5. Feeling Fire

6. Hardstyle is a lifestyle

7. Friends and Love ❤️❤️

8. In happiness, sadness, when I go to sleep when I wake up, every time

9. Life or death.

10. It means release to me ❤️

11. I can’t explain it… it’s mind-blowing what Hardstyle can do. Hardstyle gives me a lot of emotions. It is and will be forever a part of my life!❤️🙏

12. I think the Intro of D-Block & S-Te-Fans album Music Made Addict describe it perfectly

13. Hardstyle means power, motivation and strength to accomplish or get through anything

14. Passion and emotion

15. Welp to explain it simple… if you cut me, I bleed

16. Spirit of life

17. Hardstyle is a feeling, something that runs through your veins

18. Shaped the personality and the lifestyle I live today

19. Basically, Hardstyle makes my life make sense

20. My way of life – no matter what other people say- happiness, freedom, connecting people, energy

21. Love freedom and beast mode

22. When I hear raw I feel happy. That’s it. I’m happy with Hardstyle 🧡

23. A way of life, happiness, freedom, friendship, love

24. Feeling connected with people, as 1 big Hardstyle family.

25. Community, Friends, insanely loud Bass and MAD Party!